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SpectraCal Announces Innovative Pattern Solution Using AJA Video Products

SpectraCal Inc. has announced a software pattern generator using video playback technologies from AJA Video Systems, Inc.

The software package, called VirtualForge, makes professional reference-quality patterns available at a fraction of the cost of standalone hardware pattern generators.

The VirtualForge uses a Macintosh as a software engine to create the test patterns, and relies on video output hardware from AJA Video Systems to deliver the patterns accurately.

The VirtualForge may be employed in two different configurations. For tower style Macintoshes with internal adapter cards such as AJA’s KONA family, the VirtualForge uses the KONA adapter as its output.

For users with a MacBook, the new AJA T-TAP allows the same quality output over the Thunderbolt interface.

The VirtualForge is driven over IP from SpectraCal’s CalMAN, the video calibration software used by nearly every professional calibrator today.

Click to check out the VirtualForge FREE Download for Evaluation.

Click for more information about Spectracal’s VirtualForge.


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