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VidOvation Delivers Unsurpassed SD/HD Video Quality with New Dual-Channel, MPEG-4 Advanced Video Encoders

VidOvation, a leading technology provider delivering high performance and cost-effective video and data communication systems, announced today the general availability of their stand-alone VEN-2200 and openGear card format VEN-5200 MPEG-4 advanced video encoding systems to the broadcast, corporate AV, public education and government (PEG) customers.

These new encoder products provide the industry’s most comprehensive feature set, latest compression technology and unsurpassed video quality at ultra-low bit rates – with a value designed to enable many more organizations to distribute high quality live video over the internet using standard web servers and without requiring special software. The encoder products can also be used for encoding applications in IPTV, microwave, satellite, contribution and remote monitoring.

Both the standalone VEN-2200 and VEN-5200 cards provide single or dual channel H.264 (MPEG 4 Advanced Video Coding) encoding of SD and HD SDI, supporting resolutions from 320 x 180 to 1080p at the highest channel density in the industry – up to 10 channels per rack unit (RU). Optional support for HDMI, composite and component video is available. The encoders have dual inputs for two separate or simulcast channels plus simultaneous dual DVB-ASI and dual gigabit ethernet outputs. Each stream is independently adjustable for output resolution and data rate, and robust network transport is achieved using SMPTE 2022 forward error correction. Moreover, standard video networking protocols are supported including UDP, RTP, RTMP, direct HTTP and HTTP live streaming for reliable transport over all IP networks, whether unicasting or multicasting. Both products are designed to operate on open architecture networks allowing compatibility with cost-saving commercially available set-top boxes, routing hardware, and VidOvation or third-party middleware (control software).

The VidOvation TV middleware seamlessly supports video encoded by the VEN-2200 and VEN-5200, providing an IPTV system with live television, video-on-demand, electronic program guide, digital signage and more. Fully customizable capabilities for television on the network are available for business, hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare applications with support for Apple and Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Other applications for the VidOvation encoders include video distribution through the public internet to a web server and subsequent Wi-Fi or Ethernet enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets; IP set-top boxes and computers; satellite uplinks; microwave links for ENG news trucks; HLS internet distribution or web based remote video monitoring from single to multiple sources through the internet.

Click for more information about VidOvation’s VEN-2200 and VEN-5200 systems.


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