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Flanders Scientific Announces New Scope Mode

Flanders Scientific Inc. has just released an exciting new firmware version for all monitor models that adds a great new scope mode: The HUE Vector Scope. This vector scope has a very useful adjustable reference vector and several other outstanding design features we think many of you will find quite helpful. The HUE Vector Scope was designed by colorist and author Alexis Van Hurkman, who we would like to publicly thank for making his scope design available under a simple creative commons license. You can learn more about Alexis’s design concept, which we’ve tried to implement as faithfully as possible within our hardware capabilities, directly from his blog.

This firmware update also includes several bug fixes and enhancements for some of our newer CM and BM series monitors and should be installed on those units to ensure optimal performance and signal support. As always these updates are free and available for download.


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