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Magma Releases PCIe Expansion Link Kit

Magma is proud to announce that now, with the PCIe x8 Gen 2 Expansion Link Kit, PCI Express card users are able to connect their commercial PC or server motherboards with any PCIe compliant expansion chassis or device – Magma or non-Magma brand. Don’t let your custom PCIe devices or chassis stop you from taking full advantage of Magma’s blazing fast speed and superior performance.

Magma’s Gen 2 Expansion Link Kit caters to any professional or OEM by simply extending PCI Express signals from a host server to an external expansion backplane, chassis or custom PCIe compliant target.

No software is required so your connection is automatically recognized and configured by system BIOS placing the Magma Link Kit at the top of its class.

Magma PCI Express Expansion Link Kit

  • Achieve high performance in any work environment
  • Support speeds up to 40Gbps
  • High-speed x8 Gen 2 PCI Express connection
  • Easy installation
  • Connect PCI Express Host to Expansion over cable

Click for more information about Magma’s Express Expansion Link Kit.


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