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PHYX Releases PHYX Color 3

PHYX Incorporated, maker of visual effects software recently unveiled the latest version of its award-winning PHYX Color 3 plugin collection. PHYX Color is a world-class suite of GPU-accelerated plugins designed for color correction, look development, and color filter simulation. PHYX Color plugins and filters are designed for editing, visual effects, and motion graphics work within major host applications from Apple and Adobe. The demo is free available inside the FxFactory 4 package from Noise Industries.

New in PHYX Color 3:

FilmGrain creates realistic film-like grain, with the ability to control: Grain Size, ‘Light Balance’ which controls the brightness or darkness of grain, and Amount of grain applied.

LookLab gives you complete control to correct: Color Temperature, White Balance, Color Tint, Gamma, Levels, and more.

Mono gives you the ability to create Monochromatic images by: using a single color to re-map luminance, by extracting the Luma channel from Y’Cr’Cb footage, or by using the Maximum Component to use the brightest value available in the source footage.

Also in PHYX Color 3: Gradient Designer has been redesigned to be faster and more accurate.

PHYX Color plugins are compatible with: Apple Final Cut Pro (7 & X), Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Click for more information about PHYX Color 3.


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