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Producer’s Corner: August 8, 2013

This week’s BuZZ is going to be very interesting! We will be talking to Chuck Braverman, co-founder of Westdoc; Doug Hansel about Avid’s Media Composer 7 that shipped in July and B-Movie sensation Sharknado’s editor, William Boodell. But, before I go into a bit more detail about our line-up, there is something that I wanted to mention to you.

At the recent ComicCon in San Diego, I was struck by the hundreds of thousands of fans waiting in lines overnight for the chance to see one of their entertainment icons. Why is this important? Perhaps because we get so busy working that we sometimes forget who we are working for – The Fans – the people throughout the world who sit back and enjoy the work of creatives, executives and marketing folk and others who spend almost 24/7 to make entertainment.

(Photo credit: Cirina Catania)

I interviewed the likes of long-time stars William Shatner, Roseanne Barr and Wayne Knight and the men and women behind Marvel and DC. I moved through the halls speaking with folks who were there to work or to gawk, met some incredible producers and filmmakers at events with companies such as PCB Entertainment, the folks behind Infex, Ascend, Exile and the now classic, Black Ops (much more on them soon) and I got the inside info on Walking Dead, Supernatural, Blacklist, Hannibal, Grimm, Black Sails, Game of Thrones, Sidekick, Spider-Man and Superman. So many, that I came home in ComicCon shock. But it was fun!

Sometimes we forget that entertainment is not just a way to make people laugh, cry or think. It is an integral part of their lives and gives them something to look forward to in the hard times, to celebrate with others in the good times or to use to educate themselves within meaningful (or not-so-meaningful) pursuits.

Any way you look at it, we create something valuable. So when the times get tough and you think about whether or not it is worth it, or wonder if you should have taken your parent’s advice and become a doctor, don’t dwell on the doubts. Relish in the thought that what you do IS special. What we all do together in whatever small or large way we contribute to a project…well, that is valuable. How cool is that? Right?

With that thought, we move to three people who have created something very special and who are going to be speaking with Larry Jordan and Michael Horton on the Digital Production BuZZ.

Chuck Braverman is an Academy Award nominated filmmaker and co-founder of Westdoc, the West Coast Documentary and Reality Conference being held in Los Angeles from September 15-18 at the Landmark Theater. In its fourth year, the conference is fast gaining a reputation for bringing network execs, distributors and industry influencers in contact with creatives from all walks of the entertainment landscape. We are looking forward to speaking with him about the amazing roster of speakers, master classes, and events, as well as the upcoming PitchFest that traditionally marks the final day of the Conference and a special screening of Michael Jorgensen’s film, unclaimed. For further information on Westdoc or to register, click here.

Avid previewed Media Composer 7 at NAB and excitement was high. They finally started shipping MC7 in July to our relief! There are so many new features that we thought we’d ask Doug Hansel, Marketing Manager for Pro Video and also one of the designers of the product, to enlighten us. We’ll be talking about transcoding solutions, working with “bigger than HD,” for accelerated hi-res workflows, the need for a unified worldwide standard for tape delivery (using the UK as one example of a system that seems to be working) and how editors can make sure their clients are complying with the legal “loudness” standards. You won’t want to miss this one. For more information on Avid MC7, click here.

And who could have missed the broohaha on Twitter and all over the web for the new entry into the Instant Cult-Classic Club, Sharknado? Editor William Boodell has some really funny and informative stories to tell about what it was like spending three months in the editing suite on this low-budget, innovative and quirky film. Love it or hate it, you have to admit, if you see it, you won’t forget it! These are stories you won’t hear anywhere else!

Thanks for listening to the BuZZ.

As always, feel free to contact me at news(at)Catania(dot)us with story ideas or just to give me feedback on the show!

And remember, stick to your dreams. They have all the answers!

Cirina Catania
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