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Ventuz 4 Brings Events Into The Broadcast Studio

Ventuz is a real-time graphics content creation, authoring and playout control software. Best known for its use in high-end presentations and multitouch applications, it has also established itself as a professional broadcast graphics tool.

The novelties that come with Ventuz 4 include:

  • New HD video parallel rendering pipeline for higher performance
  • New character generation and 3D model import for UltraHD rendering
  • Ventuz Director, a new playout and control application
  • New Licensing model appropriate to video wall installations, SDI and Dual-SDI-Out, as well as iVGA for IP-driven video content, regardless of market
  • Video wall setup wizard

With Ventuz 4 the company also introduces the eagerly awaited Ventuz Director, a new product that serves as a playout and control application for Ventuz graphics. It offers familiar workflows, such as a templates/pages paradigm, and is therefore easy to learn for operators of both the broadcast and event markets. The Director can be connected to all common broadcast databases and can thus serve as an addition to existing graphics systems. Director’s customizable user interface allows operators to quickly run through a playlist, preview graphics, make last minute changes to the content and take the graphics to air.

Following this philosophy, Ventuz 4 also brings with it a multitude of possibilities to integrate interactive video wall installations into broadcast studios. One of these tools is the so-called video wall setup wizard, an add-on that allows for a drag-and-drop configuration of multi display video walls. The wizard also controls machine clusters for video walls of sizes that cannot be handled by a single computer. With a machine cluster, even extremely large video walls can be supplied with high-resolution content.

A trial version of Ventuz 4 can be downloaded on the Ventuz website.


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