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Digital Production Buzz — September 5, 2013

  • A Master Class in Documentary Production
  • Video For the Kids, By the Kids, and Of the Kids
  • An Inside Look at WestDoc 2013
  • Making the Most of Cinema 4D
  • First Look: Producer’s Best Friend

GUESTS: Peter Hamilton, Shawn Griffith, Chuck Braverman, Tim Clapham, and Philip Hodgetts

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Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Peter Hamilton, Founder and Editor, DocumentaryTelevision

Peter Hamilton is the founder and editor of the leading industry e-newsletter His upcoming Master Class in conjunction with producer Ed Hersh, at Westdoc 2013 will reveal what U.S. networks are looking for and how we can get our projects green lit. We’re happy to have him on the BuZZ to give us a preview!

Shawn Griffith, Broadcast Studio Producer, CLZ-TV, Channel 39 (The Child Life Zone)

Shawn Griffith comes from a feature film background. He has taught Film and Video production at the college level and worked with many big names in the industry. Then, he got hooked by the kids at Cook Children’s Hospital and, with the help of organizations such as Panasonic, is now immersed in the Child Life Zone at CLZ-TV, Channel 39, in Fort Worth, Texas, where the kids are creating original programming!

Chuck Braverman, Co-Founder, The WESTDOC Conference

Co-Founder of Westdoc and award-winning producer, Chuck Braverman, is back to update us on new speakers for Westdoc 2013. He’ll also discuss the new landscape for documentary content providers and network executives. Think you knew everything about docs? Guess again!

Tim Clapham, Director, Luxx

Luxx is world-famous for its VFX work using Cinema 4D. Tim Clapham, Director at Luxx, joins us to talk about creating visual effects, surviving in the business and what he looks for in his tools.

Philip Hodgetts, President, Intelligent Assistance

Philip Hodgetts is on his way to the IBC in Amsterdam, but before he flies out, we wanted to talk to him about his company‘s recent release of Producers Best Friend, an app that will save us many hours when creating reports for the networks.

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