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Improved Padcaster Launches Version 2.0

The creators of The Padcaster, a revolutionary iPad case that transforms the tablet into an on-the-go production studio, have announced the availability of version 2.0 of its namesake product, The Padcaster. The latest version of the mobile filmmaking tool is available for preorder at a discount exclusively through the company’s recently launched Kickstarter Campaign. The Padcaster 2.0 has been upgraded to accommodate a wider range of accessories as well as to provide a better fit for the current range of compatible ones. Additionally, The Padcaster 2.0 will have larger openings, making it much easier to access the control buttons and charging port on the iPad. For filmmakers using The Padcaster as a DSLR cage, version 2.0 features two rubber pads on the bottom of the metal frame, which allows for a much more secure hold while shooting.

Padcaster Version 2.0 Updates Include:

  • The headphone pass-through hole is now .39 inches, making it possible to thread heavier duty headsets through to connect to the iPad
  • Material was removed from the urethane insert to allow for easier access to the charging port, power button and volume buttons; this new modification also makes it much easier to insert and remove the iPad from The Padcaster’s urethane insert
  • Two additional rubber pads have been built into the bottom of The Padcaster’s metal frame, providing a safe, secure and steady hold when mounting a DSLR or other camera

Since it hit markets in the summer of 2012, The Padcaster has remained one of the most talked about filmmaking gadgets for the iPad. It continues to gain major popularity, with uses expanding far past its original intended use as a filmmaking device. Most recently, Fox TV purchased The Padcasters for 17 local news affiliates nationwide. Members of the “Atlantis Live” crew have been using The Padcaster to livestream the team’s ocean expedition from miles off the Seattle coast – a feat never before possible without the stability of The Padcaster to root the iPad to the boat. The device is even used at TEDx conferences, for commercial production, in real estate, schools and government application.

The Padcaster Becomes a Big Brother

On September 12, The Padcaster launched its first Kickstarter Campaign and is currently raising funds to develop The Padcaster for the iPad mini. Dubbed The Padcaster Mini, this brand new product in The Padcaster family will also feature the above modifications, which have been tailor-made to satisfy user feedback. As part of the campaign, The Padcaster is offering a variety of perks, which are rewarded to backers for their generous donations. The brand new Padcaster 2.0 is now available for preorder exclusively through the Kickstarter campaign perks. The Padcaster Mini can also be preordered through the Kickstarter campaign site. Supporters who purchase either of the Padcasters via a donation to the Kickstarter cause will also receive an “I Kickstarted The Padcaster” T-shirt.

Additional perks range from the full Padcaster bundle, which includes the new and improved Padcaster 2.0, an LED light, on-board microphone, Apogee Jam audio interface, accessory clamp and a monopod, to an on-site visit from Josh Apter for a full day tutorial on shooting with the Padcaster.

More On The Padcaster

The Padcaster has received rave reviews from consumer and professional industry media alike. A tool that makes the iPad an all-in-one content-creating machine, The Padcaster continues to be recognized by many for its unique ability to transform the iPad into an even cooler, more capable device.

About The Padcaster

The Padcaster transforms an iPad into an on-the-go production studio, providing an easy and professional way for users to create stunning videos on the iPad. Perfect for professional and amateur videographers alike, The Padcaster is an aluminum frame with a urethane insert that securely holds the iPad for a safe and solid feel. Threaded holes lining the edges of the frame allow filmmakers to attach external mics, lights and countless other accessories to enhance the finished product. A standard ¼-20 screw thread and locking-pin design centered on the bottom of The Padcaster lets users connect it to a professional tripod, monopod or shoulder mount for easy, smooth filming. Additional lenses can be attached via the Lenscaster, a separate accessory, to create a wider field of view or bring telephoto capabilities to the iPad’s fixed lens.

The Padcaster’s aluminum frame can also be used as a standalone DSLR cage. Filmmakers can rig a DSLR or other video camera into the cage, enabling them to attach numerous accessories to enhance their shoot.

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