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Zacuto Introduces The Tripod Adapter Plate

Zacuto is thrilled to announce the release of the much anticipated Tripod Adapter Plate for our new QR Shoulder Pad and Dovetail. We know lots of you have been eyeing our quick release, universal (attaches under any baseplate or camera) QR Shoulder Pad these past few months but have held back because of tripod compatibility issues. Worry no more! With the Tripod Adapter Plate, you can keep your Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad with Dovetail under your baseplate and quickly move back and forth to your tripod, monopod, slider etc.. Having several Tripod Adapter Plates on your various support equipment can make moving from handheld to tripod to dolly to slider a breeze. Use this Tripod Adapter Plate in tandem with the Zacuto QR Dovetail (not included). The Zacuto QR Dovetail can be purchased individually or as an included accessory with the Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad.

The Zacuto Tripod Adapter Plate has a large platform for video camera rigs with baseplates and accessories. This large platform can support a fully built up camera rig, unlike some smaller platform products on the market designed more for lighter photographic use.

Once the dovetail is securely in place under your camera or baseplate it will snap right into the Tripod Adapter Plate and quickly lock into place. Release by pushing the red button on the side while pulling the longer red lever at the rear of the plate. The underside of our Tripod Adapter Plate has three ¼ 20 screw holes, two 3/8 16 screw holes and a locator pin port to accommodate the wide variety of tripods, monopods, sliders, dollies etc..

The Zacuto Tripod Adapter Plate is only compatible with Zacuto’s QR-Dovetail; although, the Zacuto QR Dovetail will work with your existing Kessler and Really Right Stuff tripod adapter base.

If your tripod does not have back and forth balance adjustment, consider adding our TAP Slide to achieve perfect balance with your Zacuto Tripod Adapter Plate.

The TAP Slide is for exclusive use with the Zacuto Tripod Adapter plate. If your tripod head does not have forwards and backwards balance adjustment, it may be difficult to find correct balance with the Tripod Adapter Plate and particularly front or back heavy kits. Add the TAP Slide to have additional back and forth adjustment between the TAP Slide and Tripod Adapter Plate.

Slide your Zacuto Tripod Adapter Plate into the TAP Slide. Line up the Allen screw holes that can be found on both plates and screw the included 10/32 Allen into place. This will act as a stopper so the Adapter Plate cannot slip out of the TAP Slide unexpectedly. Once in place, the Tripod Adapter Plate can slide freely for balance and is then clamped securely in place with a red lever. The underside of the Zacuto TAP Slide has the same connectors as the Tripod Adapter Plate: three ¼ 20 screw holes, two 3/8 16 screw holes and a locator pin port.

Click for more information about Zacuto’s Tripod Adapter Plate and TAP Slide.


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