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Make Your Sony FS700 Ready for 4k Recording – with Chrosziel’s Kit 401-457KIT3

Chrosziel has developed an accessory kit that makes it easy to use your Sony FS700 in combination with Sony’s 4k recorder AXS-R5 and adapter HXR-IFR5. Accessory kit 401-457KIT3 is designed to allow camera operators to quickly and easily switch between tripod and shoulder pad.

At the heart of the new kit is light-weight support LWS 15 Sony FS 700 (Art.Nr. 401-457), which is derived from LWS 15 HD Allround using a platform custom made for the FS700’s camera body. It also comes preadjusted to the exact height of the camera. To this, the kit adds a versatile mounting plate for the battery and the recorder, and a smart shoulder pad system.

The mounting plate accepts battery mounts of most well-established brands e.g. Anton/Bauer, IDX and PAG. The Sony adapter HXR-IFR5 and recorder AXS-R5 are held by a locking pin and two 1/4” screws towards the rear.

It is easy to switch between tripod and shoulder in a few seconds, because Chrosziel has designed the shoulder support system and the lightweight-support with mounting plate as independent modules.

You can push the shoulder pad with the hand grips from behind the camera beneath it. The tripod wedge plate remains on the LWS. The shoulder support system is fixed onto the support rods of the LWS with a clamp screw. At the same time, the shoulder pad is moved upwards until it firmly presses against the tripod wedge plate on the bottom of the LWS. Thus, a robust three-point support is created. If you don’t use a tripod, and no tripod wedge plate is mounted on the bottom of the LWS, you can use the second thread position of the shoulder system in order to make up for the shorter distance and to achieve the same robust three-point support.

Extending the kit with a Chrosziel CustomCage gives you limitless options for mounting additional accessories. You can position the CustomCage around the recorder unit or in front of it.

Click for more information about Chrosziel’s Kit 401-457KIT3.


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