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XenData Announces Support for Sony’s Optical Disc Archive Products

XenData, the leading provider of LTO archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, has announces its SX-520 Series of Archive Servers will now support Sony’s Optical Disc Archive products. The new combined offering gives customers an additional robust storage alternative that can scale to multiple petabytes of near-line optical storage with a 50 years archival life.

Sony’s Optical Disc Archive is a new-generation high capacity storage system for video and data archiving. It was developed by Sony to provide highly stable long-term data retention. At the core of the Optical Disc Archive system, is a cartridge housing 12 optical discs and a specialized drive unit. Each Optical Disc Archive cartridge has a native capacity up to 1.5 TB and is designed for long term archiving. The Sony’s Optical Disc Archive library range starts with a rack-mount 30 cartridge unit which provides up to 45 TB of near-line optical capacity. It may be scaled by adding expansion units, taking the capacity of a single Optical Disc Archive library up to over 800 TB.

XenData SX-520 Series Archive Servers now provide greater flexibility by managing LTO or Optical Disc Archive robotic libraries or even both simultaneously. An SX-520 Server includes up to 90 TB of RAID which acts as a high performance buffer. This means that the SX-520 and Optical Disc Archive combination has the archive speed of RAID and the long term robustness of optical disc technology. A single SX-520 Server can manage multiple Optical Disc Archive libraries providing scaling to multiple petabytes.

Other benefits include:

  • Native Compatibility with Most Applications – The XenData-Sony system has a file / folder interface which is compatible with a wide range of applications used in the media industry including most media asset management systems.
  • Optimized for Networks – The solution has a Network Attached Storage (NAS) architecture which makes it easy to deploy. It supports CIFS/SMB and FTP network protocols over 1 GbE or 10 GbE.
  • Natively supports Windows, Mac and FTP Clients – Windows, Apple OS X and FTP clients are supported without need to install any software on the client computer.
  • Fast Archiving – Files are written at RAID speed and may be concurrently archived to multiple Optical Disc Archive drives.
  • Fast Restores – The system restores a queue of files in the shortest possible time. The restore requests are processed in an order that minimizes unnecessary optical disc swapping within the Optical Disc Archive cartridge.
  • Industry Standard File Security – The archive server integrates fully with the Microsoft Windows security model based on Active Directory with no need to configure proprietary user access.
  • Manages Unlimited Externalized Cartridges – The system manages any number of externalized cartridges, providing an unlimited total capacity.

The XenData SX-520 Servers which supports Sony’s Optical Disc Archive will be available by the end of the year.

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