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Zaxwerks Releases 3D ProAnimator 7

Zaxwerks has announced the release of 3D ProAnimator 7, for Mac and Windows, a major upgrade which opens new avenues for visuals in the field of lighting design for motion graphics and video.

New innovations make advanced lighting design and animation capabilities much easier than before. A procedural animation engine handles the animation without keyframes. It lets the user think like a director creating moving, flowing lighting sequences, and coordinating the motion, brightness and color of hundreds of lights without deep technical knowledge or training.

What are lighting effects without light beams and lens flares? In 3D ProAnimator 7 when you point a light at the camera you’ll see lens flares. The program comes with over 50 gorgeous flare styles and a flare editor to create your own. The light beams are visible, very fast to render and come with many atmospheric looks to choose from.

3D ProAnimator 7 also adds automatic modeling features. In the real world light comes from somewhere, so with the click of a button 3D ProAnimator 7 will create the pipe, truss and lighting fixtures. No modeling required. Amazingly it will also automatically animate the fixtures based on where the user tells the lights to point. This creates an extremely fast workflow which encourages experimentation and a freedom not usually found in 3D programs.

As an added bonus, you get over 100 free professionally designed materials. These include granites, marbles, gradients, leathers and metals, making it easy to create professional looks.


3D ProAnimator 7 comes in two flavors. A standalone application for video editors and an Adobe After Effects plug-in for motion graphics artists. Both run under Macintosh or Windows operating systems and don’t require expensive video cards to run.

Click for more information about Zaxwerks’ 3D ProAnimator 7.


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