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Discover Recoils, Zacuto’s Latest Shoulder-Mounted Rigs

Until recently, Zacuto shoulder-mounted rigs have been split into two categories. One: inline rigs where your camera is in line with your shoulder and Two: offset kits where your camera is offset in front of your face. Recoil rigs are a new third category (the term coined by Steve and Jens) that places your camera directly over your shoulder in the more traditional ENG style allowing for a shorter, lighter and a more balanced rig. You won’t believe how light your rig is–perfect for all day handheld shooting; as well as extremely quick shoulder to tripod changeover. Shooting on location in tight spaces when you are plastered up against the wall makes Recoil shooting essential. With the camera further back over your shoulder, monitoring, focusing and camera control are all moved further forward for comfort and accessibility. Zacuto has been working hard to create innovative new accessories to highlight the unique new Recoil concept.

Recoil kits include a mixture of some or all of the following accessories.

QR Shoulder Pad

The QR Shoulder Pad attaches directly under your camera or baseplate like a tripod plate. Its comfy Akon-polymer padding settles naturally into your shoulder. It is easily adjusted forward and back to achieve perfect balance. With the flip of a lever the shoulder pad quick releases off of the camera and is ready to mount on a Kessler, Really Right Stuff or Zacuto Tripod Adapter plate. This enables you to quickly move from shoulder mounted use to a tripod, slider, dolly etc. in seconds.

Half Cage, Z-Rails and Axis

This universal Half Cage system slides onto 15mm rods and expands to fit over any lens or camera. The Half Cage adds a side handle and multiple mounting options for accessories. The top section of the Half Cage is a Z-Rail, perfect for holding the Zacuto Axis, and other Zacuto rail accessories like cold shoes, rod mounts, etc. The Axis is our most adjustable EVF Mount; perfect for precise positioning of your EVF in a Recoil configuration and eyepiece leveler style shooting.

Z-Drive and Tornado

The Zacuto Z-Drive is a unique, universal follow focus. It attaches to a single 15mm diameter rod and curves away from the operator creating space and distance from the lens for comfortable use when the camera is on your shoulder. The Tornado grip connects to the Z-Drive via a standard whip port. The comfortable horn shape of the Tornado grip combines with the curve in the Z-Drive to create a unique mechanical follow focus handgrip. With this new concept system, you can keep both hands in the same place during handheld camera operation. Being able to focus with your handgrip keeps the camera rock solid as opposed to releasing your left hand to grab a traditional follow focus or the lens which makes your camera rock.

Camera Control Accessories

Many new cameras have a removable handgrip that includes a camera control function. These grips can be relocated at the front of a Recoil kit to act as a handgrip. Zacuto makes Relocators for the Canon C100/300/500 and Sony FS100 and fs700. We also partner with Okii who make a USB stop/start remote compatible with all Canon DSLRs.


Recoil Rigs

Zacuto offers the following Recoil rigs. These are the basic frameworks you need to get started building your own Recoil. You can customize your Recoil to fit your camera and accessories. Many of these rigs include the Recoil Handgrip Kit. This convenient kit includes a Z-Drive, Tornado and Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel. The Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel is a highly adjustable single hand grip which can be used on the right side of the camera to balance out the Z-Drive and Tornado. Consider adding an EVF Pro to any of these kits with a Half Cage or Z-Rail accessory for mounting the Axis EVF Mount.

DSLR Recoil

The DSLR Recoil includes our Mini DSLR Baseplate with 6.5” rods attached, a QR Shoulder Pad, and the Recoil Handgrip Kit. Directly underneath the Mini DSLR Baseplate is the Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad.

UB3 Recoil

The UB3 Recoil is built around the Universal Baseplate and is suitable for a wide range of flat-bottom video cameras such as the Panasonic HVX200 and AF100 and Sony F3. Directly underneath the Universal Baseplate is the Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad. This rig also includes our Recoil Handgrip Kit.

Recoil for C100-C300-C500

The Recoil V2 for C100-C300-C500 cameras includes our Studio Baseplate and the Zacuto ENG Grip Relocator that positions the C100/300 removable grip at the rods for comfort and convenience. The Canon C100/300 removable grip attaches directly to our Relocator handle and our exclusive right angle cable connects to the port on your camera. We also offer a Lite version of this kit with the smaller Gorilla Baseplate and no relocator.

Recoil for Sony F5/F55

The Sony F5/F55 Tornado Recoil includes our F5/F55 Baseplate, a QR Shoulder Pad, and the Recoil Handgrip Kit. It sets the camera in the correct position so your eye can comfortably reach the Sony viewfinder. For those who would prefer a more basic handgrip set up without the follow focus, Zacuto also offers the simpler Sony F5/F55 Recoil. This kit includes the same F5/F55 Baseplate and QR Shoulder Pad and is finished off with our double handgrips, the Zgrips V3 with articulation at the handgrips and a pivot up at the rods.

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