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iStarUSA Releases Mobile Drive Cages in Wood

iStarUSA has announced a whole new line of mobile drive cages in wood.

Wood is in, and they’re proud to introduce to you their brand new line of chassis with wood bezels. The BPN-DE–WB’s are their third generation of trayless hotswap hard drive cages. They’ve got three BPN models now in wood, along with the D-213-MATX-WB and D-118V2-ITX-WB rackmount chassis. These new chassis feature a classic yet modern wood look and are made to blend in gorgeously with your office or home environment. Heat dissipation is maintained by an aluminum body and a 70mm fan, and SATA power connection increases compatibility with most power supplies. The metal key locks help secure your hard drives and prevent unauthorized access. Converting two standard 5.25″ drive bays into three usable hard drive slots, these chassis are economically designed to maximize your investment.

This new look is primed to bring a warm, homey feel to your work environment. iStarUSA is the only brand of server hardware equipment that caters to your aesthetic senses and offers you the greatest selection of hard drive cages in stylish designs, on top of high quality and full functionality.

Following is a list of all the gorgeous wood chassis they have lined up for you:

  • BPN-DE110SS-WB
  • BPN-DE230SS-WB
  • BPN-DE340SS-WB
  • D-213-MATX-WB
  • D-118V2-ITX-WB

Click for more information about iStarUSA’s new line of mobile drive cages in wood.


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