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Producer’s Corner: November 22, 2013

This week on the Digital Production BuZZ, we visit Evan Daugherty’s reimagining of the uber-classic characters from Super Mario Brothers (you’ve never seen them like this before); take a walk into the world of mega-storage with Brent Bucci, Vice President of MediaFire and learn some tricks from one of Playhouse West’s charismatic acting coaches, Kathleen Randazzo.

Speaking of storage:  Did you know that MediaFire is offering up to 100 GB for under $3 a month?  What?! I’ve been watching them for a while and thought it was time to share this with you, especially since they are going into beta with a new version of the site and I’m jumping on board. Didn’t want to be selfish and leave you out.  There will be more on this in the very near future, but check them out at and join 100 million others in the playroom.  Nice.


Ok, this one is creative and so very cool.  Have you been on Polaris’ YouTube site lately? Check it out: Watch The Four Players and you’ll see a brand new take on the classic Super Mario Brothers characters that we all know and love, The Fixer (Mario), The Addict (Luigi), The Soldier (Toad) and The Star (poor Peach, still in jeopardy). You’ll be interested in what writer/director Evan Daugherty has to say about these films and his career in Hollywood. Evan wrote one of the industry’s most highly sought after spec scripts for a movie while still in college, Snow White and the Huntsman. The film grossed over $400 million. He didn’t stop there.  The prolific scribe went on to pen even more blockbusters:  He Man aka Masters of the Universe for Warner Brothers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Paramount and director Michael Bay, and the upcoming GI Joe 3 for Paramount and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura.  But it is his creative freedom on the new shorts that seems to excite Evan the most.  Let us know what you think, but my opinion is that they are well written and shot, well acted and the production value is high, especially when you consider Evan utilized his own money and lots of friends and favors.  The shorts were shot on the RED Epic in 5K and posted on FCP.  Dailies were processed on 1080p.

The Fixer (Mario)

The Addict (Luigi)

The Soldier (Toad)

The Star (Princess Peach)

Speaking of well acted, I met Kathleen Randazzo on the set of a film I was directing a few years ago where she played Dean Caine’s wife – yes, the wife of Superman, well, not Superman in that movie, but you get the drift.  If you ask her about her first loves, acting being one of them, she will surely tell you how much she also loves coaching at Playhouse West. Founded over thirty years (1981) by ago by  Robert Carnegie and Jeff Goldblum and practicing the legendary Sanford Meisner technique, the school boasts such notable alumni’s as Ashley Judd, James Franco, Jim Carrey,  Heather Graham, Sean Astin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Scott Caan…but wait, there’s more…and Adrianne Palicki (who starred in G.I. Joe, sound familiar?) Kathleen gives us tips, tricks and lots of encouragement, and she’s gorgeous with a melodic voice, so settle in and enjoy!

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