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Enhance Technology Releases ULTRASTOR 4200 Hybrid SAN Storage Solutions

Enhance Technology, Inc. has announced the release of the latest addition to the company’s new ULTRASTOR GEN4 platform. The ES4200 series expands the company’s next generation SAN platform with a more cost-effective solution designed to leverage enterprise 3.5″ drive technology without compromising features or reliability. The VMware certified ES4200 series incorporates workflow enhancing software features including native VAAI support for VMware environments, thin provisioning, remote replication capabilities and snapshots. The ULTRASTOR ES4200 host connection options include 10GbE iSCSI, 1GbE iSCSI and hybrid FC/iSCSI solutions for added versatility.

The ES4200 series combines a dense 4U, 24 disk form factor with 3.5″ Enterprise or Near Line SAS hard drives adding greater density over previous ULTRASTOR models, resulting in lower storage costs per terabyte.

The ES4200 series features Enhance Technology’s GEN4 storage platform which offers 50% more processing power and adds full hardware iSCSI offload acceleration for a significant increase in performance, ideal for use in high I/O data environments. New software features include native VAAI support for tighter VMware integration, asynchronous array-based replication capabilities and thin provisioning for improved disk utilization and non-disruptive capacity expansion.

The ULTRASTOR ES4200 family will include a hybrid model that offers both 8G Fibre Channel and 1GbE iSCSI protocols for maximum versatility in the datacenter. Users have the flexibility to leverage both technologies and provide business-wide storage support with one system. “The ability to access Fibre Channel and iSCSI volumes from a centralized, high availability storage system solves a lot of issues for the small and medium business. IT administrators can effectively address performance requirements while keeping costs low. Combine that with thin provisioning, array-based replication, expandable capacity (up to 384TB) and you have a powerful all-in-one SAN storage solution for the small to medium business” stated Eskridge.

ULTRASTOR ES4200 Technology Highlights

ES4200 Family of SAN solutions offer:

  • VMware Integration: ULTRASTOR ES4200 features VMware VSphere 5 certification and native VAAI support providing seamless integration with VMware environments. VAAI enables hardware-based acceleration of key storage operations – reducing resource utilization for improved physical server performance.
  • Leading Reliability: The ULTRASTOR ES4200 offers the highest level of reliability and scalability for mission critical, enterprise applications. Equipped with dual active-active storage controllers and redundant, load-balancing power supplies, the ES4200 is the best choice for 24/7 data availability for SMB users.
  • Greater Flexibility: The ES4200 leverages ULTRASTOR GEN4 technology to offer enhanced features such as Thin Provisioning, array-based Replication capabilities and Snapshots providing powerful point-in-time data protection and restore features.
  • Lower Storage Costs: Available in a broad range of Enterprise or Near Line SAS capacities, the ULTRASTOR ES4200 delivers the industry’s lowest cost-per-terabyte. In addition, when deployed with ES4200JS JBOD expansion shelves – ideal for small and medium sized business applications such as Share Point deployments, databases, virtualization, CRM systems and cloud computing.

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