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Find Perfect Balance With 16×9 Inc.’s Cine Base M15

Cameras have been getting smaller and smaller. Cine-style lenses… not so much. Take a nice, high-quality zoom lens, for instance. Mount one and your lightweight, compact camera body nosedives at a rather alarming speed while you reach for the mattebox. An expensive, heavy-duty tripod system or a backend loaded with things like batteries, onboard recorders and barbell weights can compensate, but your camera body is now formerly ‘compact’ and ‘lightweight.’ Silly. Introducing the Cine Base M15, 16×9 Inc.’s elegant way of restoring balancing to your camera and, literally by extension, to your filmmaking universe. Think 20 inches of industry-standard 15mm rods, a 9-inch long dovetail slide plate and a simple support plate. Flick the quick-release and reposition as often as you need, thus achieving… perfect balance.

Solid Construction

Machined out of solid aluminum, the 15mm Cine Base provides a solid build for the toughest environments. Built of quality materials and machined with precision, the 15mm Cine Base is designed to stand the test of time.

Industry-standard 15mm Support Rods

The 15mm Cine Base includes two 12″ heavy-duty 15mm industry-standard aluminum rods and two 8″ extension rods for a combined length of 20″.

Dual-Locking Knobs for 15mm Support Rods

A dual-locking mechanism securely locks the industry-standard 15mm Support Rods onto the 15mm Cine Base. The individual lock levers make it possible to adjust the industry-standard 15mm Support Rods individually for fine tuning.

Secure Locking Mechanism

Located on the camera operator’s side, a locking lever securely locks the 15mm Cine Base onto the Compact Dovetail or any industry-standard dovetail rails. The Locking Lever activates a spring loaded brake-system, preventing the 15mm Cine Base from sliding on the dovetail rails.

Safety Lock for Camera Plate

The 15mm Cine Base incorporates a Safety Lock mechanism that automatically and securely locks the Camera Support Plate. When mounting the Camera Support Plate onto the 15mm Cine Base, the Safety Lock automatically lowers itself on contact. Once in place, the Camera Support Plate is secure. To release the Camera Support Plate, simply press down on the Safety Lock and slide the Camera Support Plate off.

Smooth Sliding

Smooth sliding between the 15mm Cine Base and the dovetail is made possible by the addition of delrin on the bottom of the 15mm Cine Base. The added feature will allow you to smoothly slide and balance your camera without any binding movements.

Mounts onto Bridgeplate Systems

Designed to mount onto studio base plates, from ARRI or Chrosziel, the 15mm Cine Base comes standard with two thread hole patterns. The first row features 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 female threads and the second row features 3/8″-16 female threads.

Camera Support Spacer

The 16×9 Inc. Camera Support Plate offers proper height alignment for your camera when adding a mattebox and/or sunshade onto industry-standard 15mm Support Rods. Available for most popular cameras, the Camera Support Plate is machined out of solid aluminum for rigid support.

Multiple Threads for Added Support

The Camera Support Plate offers multiple thread locations to secure your camera. The thread size and pattern will vary by camera to mimic the camera’s thread pattern. Using multiple threads will secure and prevent the camera from shifting.

Quick & Secure Mount

The bottom dovetail design allows the Camera Support Plate to securely and quickly mount onto the 15mm Cine Base. When the job requires a crane and/or jib, the Camera Support Plate can mount directly onto the Compact Cine Base Dovetail plate.

Redundant Locking Mechanism

The Camera Support Plate automatically and securely locks onto place when mounted on the 15mm Cine Base. For added security, the Camera Support Plate adds a redundant locking mechanism that is activated on the side panel. A 3/32″ set-screw activates a spring loaded brake-system preventing the Camera Support Plate from shifting off the 15mm Cine Base or Comapct Dovetail.

Universal Compact Dovetail

Designed for quick and easy mounting, the 16×9 Inc., Compact Dovetail offers rigid support and a wide range of balance adjustment capability. Machined out of solid aluminum, the Compact Dovetail offers 9” of smooth travel space for proper camera balancing.

Unique Safety Mechanism

The Compact Dovetail offers an ingenious quick-release mechanism allowing a faster and easier method for removing the 15mm Support Base. Located at either end, simply press the spring loaded locking mechanism to the direction shown on the Compact Dovetail to release.

Thread Mounting for Most Tripods

Designed to accommodate a multitude of tripods, from entry-level to professional, the Compact Dovetail comes standard with two thread hole patterns. The first row features an alternative 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 female threads for use with small to mid-sized tripods. The second row features 3/8″-16 female threads for use with larger cine-style tripods and gear heads.

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