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Explore Crystal Vision’s New Safire 3

Crystal Vision are delighted to introduce the brand new Safire 3 their best real-time chroma keyer to date.

Overall Advantages to Safire 3

  • It’s really easy to get a realistic chroma key. You can ask Safire 3 to do it all for you using the multi-point sampling, or you can make any adjustments yourself using the multitude of fine-tuning tools.
  • It’s the only chroma keyer for 3Gb/s video. It works with SD and HD sources too – making it suitable for any and every virtual production.
  • It’s a real pleasure to operate. Use the intuitive touch screen on the Safire 3 Controller dedicated panel, or adjust the menus using a web browser running on any device – from PC to iPad.

Technical Advantages of Safire 3:

  • Real-time hardware chroma keyer: ideal for any live virtual production, from studio to sport
  • Works with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources
  • Get excellent results with minimal sensitivity to camera noise: uses extremely sophisticated algorithm
  • Key on any color, including sporting surfaces such as grass
  • Easy to set up: cursor-based multi-point sampling can automatically get the optimum chroma key values
  • Adjust the picture until you’re happy: range of fine-tuning tools, from lighting compensation to noise reduction filters
  • Works with reflective and transparent objects
  • Create a natural-looking composite picture: match the look of the Foreground to the Background with the Foreground color correction and the Background video adjustments
  • Offset the delay caused by the graphics generator: with up to ten frames of built-in video delay
  • Correct any timing errors automatically: includes a frame synchronizer on each input timed to an analog reference
  • Use masks to force Foreground and Background: useful if you have got an imperfect backdrop or you need to insert sports graphics
  • Use it as a linear keyer: key any graphics over a video source
  • Optional relay bypass protection
  • Fits in Indigo rack frames: available in 2RU, 1RU and desk top box sizes to suit your application
  • Saves rack space: 4 x 10.5 inches module allows 12 boards in 2RU
  • Flexible control, including dedicated touch screen control panel and a web browser running on any device
  • Five year warranty (with product registration)

Click to learn more about Crystal Vision’s Safire 3.


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