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Proavio Delivers New SSD Powered DS240 Storage Solutions for 4K Video

Proavio, a market leader in professional storage solutions for content creation, has announced the release of the new DS240 dual-active storage platform and ultra dense JBOD systems. The DS240 series expands Proavio’s professional DS platform with high performance 2.5” Enterprise SAS SSD and 10K SAS drive solutions specifically designed to meet the demands of 4K cinema production.

The DS240 combines a compact 2U, 24-disk design with Proavio’s powerful 8Gb/s Fibre Channel and 6Gb/s SAS hardware technologies to deliver a superior, cost-effective solid state storage solution for editing, color-grading, VFX and broadcast requirements. The Proavio DS240 delivers exceptional sustained sequential performance when used with editing, grading and VFX systems as well as accelerated random I/O capabilities for use in shared storage configurations or mixed-load SAN applications. Optimized for 4K production use, the DS240 provides a total of eight 8Gb/s Fibre Channel ports resulting in real-world performance of over 3,500MB/s from a single storage array. By leveraging Enterprise 10K SAS hard drives, the DS240 offers a lower cost per terabyte without compromising performance.

The DS240 is now available in capacities starting at 19TB up to 38TB, expandable up to 190TB using affordable DS240 SAS JBOD enclosures. DS240 storage systems feature a 3-year factory warranty and include free advance replacement of disk drives and components for the first year of ownership, with the option to purchase an additional two year advance replacement warranty. The DS240 is recommended for use with Davinci Resolve, Filmlight, Assimilate Scratch, Autodesk and Digital Vision workflows.

Proavio DS240 Technology Highlights

  • Powerful 8G Active FC SAN Platform: Proavio DS240 features dual 8-port, 8Gb/s Fibre Channel storage controllers running in active-active performance mode for high resolution 4K/5K capture, editing, grading and visual effects creation.
  • Leading Reliability: The Proavio DS240 offers the highest level of reliability and scalability for mission critical media and broadcast applications. Equipped with redundant, load-balancing components, the DS240 is the best choice for uninterrupted media availability.
  • Lower Storage Costs: Leverage 12Gb/s, 2.5”, enterprise-class SAS SSD and 10K SAS drives for optimal flexibility. Increase DS240 storage capacity by adding low-cost JBOD expansion enclosures. Create storage tiers based on application requirements by mixing SAS and SSD drive enclosures.
  • VMware Certified Solution: Proavio DS240 is a VMware VSphere 5 certified solution for seamless integration with virtual and cloud computing environments. Improve physical server performance while accelerating applications and VDI with high I/O SAS SSD storage.

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