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The Go Anywhere Mobile Solution: the indiSYSTEM B-ROLL’r Rig

Why doesn’t every shooter carry a small camera with them at all times? Simple: there is no light-weight shoulder mounted rig that is pack and go…until now.

Introducing the B-ROLL’r from indiSYSTEM. Less than two pounds, folds to 12” x 6”, 15mm titanium rods, handles, cross bar and shoulder bar, quick release and multiple configurations make the B-ROLL’r not just a BCamera rig, but a go anywhere mobile solution for DSLRs and small digital video cameras.

Adaptable for shoulder mount or shotgun style shooting, the B-ROLL’r allows for shooting with a loupe or low belly shots. With the optional Tripod Mount, the B-ROLL’r can be attached to a fluid head. Carry your camera everywhere, with the B-ROLL’r!

Loaded with features not available on any others rigs. As you would expect from indiSYSTEM, the gear does not cost more than the camera.


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