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The New SliderPLUS PRO is ready for duty

The Magic is still there, but better!
SliderPLUS is the world’s only camera slider that can travel twice it’s own length.

SliderPLUS PRO benefits from the award winning (Videomaker’s Editor’s Choice and Spotlight Awards) SliderPLUS V2 design.

The unique design offsets the rail system, doubling the sliding distance. The new camera mount/carrier adds more durability and further adjustments to the system, making it ideal for professional setups.

Heavy Duty & Adjustable
New, stronger structure carries more weight and is able to carry heavier cameras with pro-equipment.

With SliderPLUS PRO both trays are adjustable so you have maximum control over the minimal play on the rails.

SliderPLUS PRO is 100% CNC machined and most of its parts are made out of mono-blocks to ensure durability.

New stylish look
The elegantly designed new chrome style rail system on the SliderPLUS PRO will complete your professional look.

Includes dolly feature
The crushing advantage of edelkrone’s slider system is still there.

SliderPLUS PRO’s rail system retreats back during slider operation. This way, during dolly in/out shots, SliderPLUS PRO remains out of your picture. You get to keep the advantage of having the perfect slider with an amazing dolly feature.

Pack your slider well!
The new pop-up camera mount screw appears and disappears with a simple tap. Great when you decide to pack your SliderPLUS PRO.

Compatible with the Target Module
You will compose your curved and parallax shots anywhere you can place your tripod on. Target module introduces responsive motion control technology (RMC). Target will let your camera lock onto the subject and keep it in the same position inside the frame.

Compatible with the Wizard Module
Just push record button and slide your camera, and the Wizard Module records your action and repeats the same shot as much as you want.

Leaving your slider behind? No more!
Sliders are vital for quality productions, yet they are cumbersome. edelkrone has changed this with SliderPLUS design.

SliderPLUS PRO lives up to the tradition, and delivers great slider movement distance in a smaller form. Even the largest version is only 63 centimeters in actual size, which is the average size of most professional tripods when folded down.

edelkrone’s new, top quality soft covers are included in SliderPLUS PRO package. You can fit your slider in your equipment bag easily and safely.

Tripod ready with instant safe transport lock
SliderPLUS PRO performs best when mounted on a tripod, and it’s tripod ready right out of the box.

The play-free slider/camera mount not only improves SliderPLUS PRO’s performance, but also improves its stability when locked.

When the SliderPLUS PRO is locked, it becomes a static part of your tripod. You can safely move your setup around without having to remove your components.

Works on the ground too
SliderPLUS PRO can be operated on the ground as well. The adjustable feet are slip free, and allows you to level your slider on any surface. When using your slider on the ground, remember that you will benefit from SliderPLUS PRO’s actual length during the slider operation.

New Specs
With the new durable design, comes 3 different rail sizes.

SliderPLUS PRO has Medium, Large and XLarge versions with respective camera travel of 50cm (1.6ft), 70cm (2.3ft) and 90cm (2.9ft).

Precise manufacturing with highest grade material!
All parts of SliderPLUS PRO are machined with CNC technology with highest grade materials. It is wear resistant and durable. It is going to withstand the harsh production environments that you will put it through. The mono-block approach during manufacturing ensures durability.


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