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Thunderbolt Arrives on ProMAX Platform Studio

ProMAX Systems, manufacturer of multi-functional, high-performance shared storage servers and editing workstations for video, has announced that its Platform Studio product line now features Thunderbolt connectivity.

Platform Studio’s two new Thunderbolt ports open up even more video workflow options for sharing storage and managing data. The dual Thunderbolt ports allow quick and easy ingest of data from existing Thunderbolt RAID arrays, addition of Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis, and back-ups to Thunderbolt RAID arrays.

A highly effective shared storage solution for smaller workgroups, Platform Studio is also capable of supporting multiple production processes such as Transcoding, Asset Management and Archival. Studio’s lightweight, portable design is purpose built for on-set and location-based workflows. Platform Studio’s Thunderbolt upgrade is just the latest example of ProMAX’ active development of products that improve the content creation process.

About The ProMAX Platform Series
Since ProMAX launched the Platform shared storage server in Q4 2012, it has become the most eagerly adopted new product of its kind by video companies of all sizes. ProMAX changed what video and media professionals expect from shared storage by introducing Platform’s unique multi-functional modules. Platform gained industry attention by delivering superior video performance and intuitive data management capabilities in addition to powering demanding workflow functions such as transcoding, asset management and archive. The recently announced New Platform Series models significantly increase the servers’ scalability, adding multi-location features and functions extending from 8 terabytes to 25 petabytes; firmly positioning Platform servers as an Enterprise class solution.


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