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trackFinger for After Effects reaches version 1.2

Introducing trackFinger for After Effects version 1.2: now it records accelerometer too, and so you can create shots in which you can track iPad or iPhone inclination to simulate 2D and 3D driving games!

trackFinger for After Effects allows you to record the movements of the fingers (up to ten) on the screen of the iPad or the iPhone and then send the tracking data as keyframes to Adobe After Effects to animate the contents of the screen. And now trackFinger tracks also accelerometer to easily obtain device inclination: roll and pitch.

On their website you’ll find documentation, user manuals, and a lot of tutorials and samples you can download and use in Adobe After Effects to speed up animation work.

trackFinger for After Effects is available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone:

trackFinger for After Effects lite is a free simplified version of trackFinger you can use to evaluate the purchase of the full version.


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