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Zacuto Releases Canon C300/C500 Z-Finder and Accessories

The Canon Cinema series cameras have been taking the world by storm! Steve and Jens saw the potential of these lower budget, high performance cameras early on and quickly began making baseplates and rigs for their unique size and shape. When the C100 was released the need for a Z-Finder was obvious, and so our popular C100 Z-Finder was born. And then the requests for a C300 Z-Finder started coming in! The removable, larger LCD of the Canon C300 and C500 was a new challenge for Zacuto. Always ready for a challenge, Steve and Jens set to work to create a lightweight, accessible, reasonably priced unit that could stand up to Zacuto’s high standards.

A whole new mounting system needed to be created, not only to mount the Z-Finder to the LCD but also to get the LCD in the right position for shoulder mounted shooting. Along the way, we replaced the “plasticky” Canon handle with a solid Zacuto handle and a new concept ‘helmet’ that attaches to the camera body and provides multiple accessory attachment options. Want to see what else we came up with? Check out this first look video from Steve and Jens featuring the new C300/C500 Z-Finder and accessories!


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