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Digital Production Buzz — March 20, 2014

  • Red Giant Announces Universe – What Does It Mean?
  • Financing Your Next Feature Film
  • Learning the Craft of Telling Stories Visually
  • The Paperless Office – Reality or Wistful Pipe-dream?

GUESTS: Sean Safreed, Ela Thier, Misha Tenenbaum, and Jeff Pickard

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Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Sean Safreed, Co-Founder, Red Giant

Sean Safreed, Co-Founder at Red Giant announced Universe last week. An online community providing visual effects and training; both free and via subscription. We learn more about why this is so important in this week’s show.

Ela Thier, Writer / Director / Producer

Writer/Director/Producer, Ela Thier has successfully financed a feature using crowd-funding that is available on Netflix, Hulu and most other digital platforms. She’s now working on financing a bigger budget film. She joins us this week to explain how she goes about getting money for her films.

Misha Tenenbaum, Founder, EditStock

Misha Tenenbaum, is an Assistant Editor on such shows as “Jobs,” “American Horror Story” and Chris Carter’s “The After.” He is also the Founder of EditStock, an online service that allows editors to download professionally shot film footage so they can practice editing. We’re interested in talking with him about how editors can learn the craft of editing.

Jeff Pickard, CEO, President, Lucion Technologies

Former practicing attorney, Jeff Pickard, is the CEO and President of Lucion Technologies, a go-to source for document management and paperless office software. Its one thing to clear off a messy desk, Jeff explains how we can find everything again.

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