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Transcript: Digital Production Buzz – July 23, 2015

Digital Production Buzz

July 23, 2015

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Larry Jordan & Mike Horton


Danny Manus, CEO, Script Consultant, No BullScript Consulting

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment/Technology Attorney & Labor Reporter, TroyGould and The Hollywood Reporter

Sean Wycliffe, CEO/Co-Founder, Dealflicks


Larry Jordan Tonight on The Buzz, we start with Danny Manus. He’s a script consultant and the CEO of No Bull Script. He shares his thoughts on what it takes to maximize your writing.

Larry Jordan Recently, a court decision determined that interns need to be paid. However, Hollywood runs on the labor of countless unpaid interns, so Jonathan Handel, the entertainment labor reporter for The Hollywood Reporter, joins us to explain what this ruling means.

Larry Jordan Finally, Sean Wycliffe is the CEO and co-founder of Dealflicks, which was founded three years ago to get more people to the movies at a discount. Tonight, Sean shares how his system works.

Larry Jordan All this plus Tech Talk and Buzz Flashback. The Buzz starts now.

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Larry Jordan And welcome to The Digital Production Buzz, the world’s longest running podcast for creative content producers covering media production, post production, marketing and distribution around the world. It’s good to have you with us. Mike, we’ve been reading about the death of the PC for a while now, but today…

Mike Horton: The what?

Larry Jordan The death of the PC. Remember those things?

Mike Horton: Those personal computer thingies?

Larry Jordan Personal computer, yes.

Mike Horton: Those big thick ones, really wide? We had a bunch of those at the LAFCPUG meeting last night. They didn’t work.

Larry Jordan Trying to set anything up with him is a challenge.

Mike Horton: Go ahead. Sorry for interrupting.

Larry Jordan Today, the Gartner Group announced that the annual sales of IOS devices equals the annual sales of all Windows PCs.

Mike Horton: Really?

Larry Jordan Android devices surpassed PC sales back in 2012; now this month IOS devices surpassed all PC sales.

Mike Horton: How much work do you actually do on these things? You’re not out in the field a lot, you’re here in the office, so you don’t do a lot of work on these things, right?

Larry Jordan I use it for reading email and consuming media, but I don’t use it for creating media. For creating, I need a laptop or an iMac.

Mike Horton: Well, people are doing a lot of work on these things.

Larry Jordan Are you doing a lot of work on them?

Mike Horton: None. Zero. I don’t do a lot of work, period, whether it be my laptop or my phone. It doesn’t matter. No, but a lot of people are doing everything on their phones.

Larry Jordan My thumbs would get tired trying to type as much as…

Mike Horton: So in other words, when you’re creating media, create it for those people who work on phones.

Larry Jordan So I should hold the camera sideways so we get a vertical.

Mike Horton: Yes, no vertical video.

Larry Jordan Vertical video’s the way to go.

Mike Horton: In fact, there’s a video out there that tells you not to do vertical video. I’ll give it to you at the end of the show. No vertical video, ever. Ever.

Larry Jordan No vertical video ever?

Mike Horton: Ever.

Larry Jordan Not once?

Mike Horton: No. Somebody in the chat right now has got to be saying, “Absolutely, no vertical video.” No, it’s a sin.

Larry Jordan Well…

Mike Horton: What happened?

Larry Jordan Well, now that I’m recovered from the shock of no more vertical video, I want to remind you to join us on Facebook at; and subscribe to our free weekly show newsletter at Mike and I will be back with Danny Manus right after this.

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