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Transcript: Digital Production Buzz – July 30, 2015

Larry Jordan: It’s time for a Buzz Flashback. Five years ago today…

Stacey Parks (archive): Even if your film is not fully completed, you definitely want to have a kick butt trailer ready, and the reason is because the trailer is your number one marketing tool for yourself. In addition to the trailer, you want to start working on some of your other marketing materials, get killer graphics. Tip number two is do your homework – start researching some of these companies. Where does your film fit?

Larry Jordan: This was a Buzz Flashback.

Larry Jordan: I have to show you. Pilar, as she left, handed me her ‘Coffee Table Screenwriter’ book. You can take a look at it on the other camera, that’s what it looks like. It’s just way cool. All kinds of really neat ideas on how to write scripts, which I’m going to take home and read this evening.

Larry Jordan: It’s been an interesting show. I’ve been struck by the fact that Andy Maisner has been in the industry since the mid-’70s and just thinking about how TV technology has changed. When I worked with my first remote truck, just to do a single camera we were taking a truck around that was the size of a semi for one camera with a microwave shot back and now he’s got six cameras crammed into something slightly larger than a bread truck, which is pretty amazing.

Larry Jordan: And Tim Bajarin, I’ve had the pleasure of reading his analysis for years and years and enjoy listening to his thoughts on where the future is going, and especially his thoughts on wearables, which is a brand new opportunity for a lot of people. But I think for us we need to think about the opportunity that mobile provides more than wearables.

Larry Jordan: And Pilar Alessandra, the script consultant and the author. If you don’t have a story, what are we going to watch in the evening? This is really cool; and Paul Saccone I met back in 2004, just after I started my company, when he was working for Apple and a chance to chat with him now when he’s working with Blackmagic and the new Resolve is very cool.

Larry Jordan: There’s a lot of history in our industry and it’s all posted to our website at You’ll find hundreds of past shows and thousands of interviews, all searchable online, available and newly redesigned, which is way cool.

Larry Jordan: Visit with us on Twitter @DPBuZZ, and Facebook at Text transcripts provided by Take 1 Transcription – visit to learn more. Thanks to our producer, Cirina Catania; Megan Paulos and our entire crew of putting this whole show together. On behalf of Mike Horton, my name is Larry Jordan and thanks for listening to The Buzz.

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