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Transcript: Digital Production Buzz – August 6, 2015

Larry Jordan: You know, Mike, it’s hard to believe but that was from The Buzz five years and that was still almost 2.5 years after you and I started doing this.

Mike Horton: That’s still very relevant, isn’t it?

Larry Jordan: The whole concept of fair use and what we can use.

Mike Horton: It’s still very confusing and I still don’t get it and I never will get it.

Larry Jordan: Yes you will. I have faith in you.

Mike Horton: We need to do a whole Digital Production Buzz thing on fair use. Bring in a whole bunch of people, talk about it and I guarantee you it’ll be off the charts all over the place. Everybody will have their own opinion about what’s going on. It is not something set in stone because none of us understand it. I don’t think anybody you have on the panel will clarify it. That’s how I feel, Larry.

Larry Jordan: Not that you have an opinion on that.

Mike Horton: Not that I have an opinion, yes.

Larry Jordan: People who do have opinions are some of the guests we’ve had on the show. We started with Mike Mihalik, a guru on digital storage technology; and then Steve Eisen, a filmmaker; and John Feland, the founder and CEO of Argus Insights.

Larry Jordan: There’s a lot of history in our industry and it’s all posted to our website at Here you’ll find hundreds of past shows and thousands of interviews and this summer our website is undergoing a facelift, so if you haven’t visited recently, come back and take a look.

Larry Jordan: Talk with us on Twitter, @dpbuzz, and Facebook at Our theme music is composed by Nathan Dugie Turner, with additional music provided by Text transcripts provided by Take 1 Transcription – visit to learn how they can help you. Our producer is Cirina Catania; or engineering team is led by Megan Paulos, includes Ed Golya, Keegan Guy, Alex Hackworth, Ailin Kim and Brianna Murphy.

Larry Jordan: On behalf of that handsome dude on the other side of the table…

Mike Horton: And they are really, really good.

Larry Jordan: …his name’s Mike Horton, my name’s Larry Jordan and thanks for watching The Buzz.

Mike Horton: Goodbye everybody.

Announcer #1: The Digital Production Buzz was brought to you by Other World Computing, providing quality hardware solutions and extensive technical support to the worldwide computer industry since 1988; and by XenData, who provides highly competitive digital video archive solutions.

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