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Transcript: Digital Production Buzz – August 6, 2015

Digital Production Buzz

August 6, 2015

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Larry Jordan & Mike Horton


Randi Altman, Industry Analyst and Editor

Mike Mihalik, Computer Industry Maven

Steve Eisen, Vice President, Chicago Creative Pro Users & Eisen Video Productions

John Feland, CEO & Founder, Argus Insights


Larry Jordan: Tonight on The Buzz, we start with Mike Mihalik. He’s a computer industry veteran creating digital storage systems for companies like LaCie and Seagate. He shares his thoughts on the upheaval we’re going through in digital storage and what we can expect in the future.

Larry Jordan: Next, Steve Eisen is a filmmaker and the Vice President of the Chicago Creative Pro User Group. He’s recently completed his latest film, The 1,000 Feet Project, and we talk with him about his film and creativity.

Larry Jordan: Finally, John Feland is the CEO and founder of Argus Insights. This is a company that uses big data to predict the future. John shares his insights with us to help us figure out how we’re going to generate revenue in the future.

Larry Jordan: All this plus Tech Talk and Randi Altman’s perspective on the news. The Buzz starts now.

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Larry Jordan: And welcome to The Digital Production Buzz, the world’s longest running podcast for creative content producers covering media production, post production, marketing and distribution around the world. My name’s Larry Jordan; the handsome dude on the other side of the table is a gentleman we haven’t seen for weeks upon weeks. Lifetimes have passed since last we’ve seen this handsome visage staring at us from across the table. The ever handsome Mike Horton.

Mike Horton: Thank you for that wonderful intro. Hey, by the way, were those graphics new, in the intro? I know I’ve been gone for a week, but that looked new.

Larry Jordan: It was. It’s new every show, but the format…

Mike Horton: Is it new every show? The opening graphics are new every show?

Larry Jordan: The template is the same but the graphics are new every show.

Mike Horton: Well, those are really cool graphics.

Larry Jordan: We back you with an incredible production team.

Mike Horton: Who does the graphics?

Larry Jordan: Meagan.

Mike Horton: Meagan does?

Larry Jordan: Mhmm.

Mike Horton: That’s our booth, by the way.

Larry Jordan: Mike, by the way, we are – are you sitting down?

Mike Horton: Mhmm.

Larry Jordan: We are starting a great new contest that doesn’t cost any money to join and you can learn more…

Mike Horton: Ah!

Larry Jordan: …by visiting this website: Have you had a chance to see it?

Mike Horton: I’m actually on it right now. This is very cool. Do you do this every year?

Larry Jordan: Every three years.

Mike Horton: Every three years, where the rules are send in something 20 words or less. Here are a couple of examples – nothing is final. To keep editors happy, no changes should be ever sent on Friday afternoon. The client is always right unless the client wants Comic Sans titles and copyrighted music by Katy Perry.

Larry Jordan: In 2013 we ran the same contest and one of my favorites was never talk to the client with a loaded revolver in your desk.

Mike Horton: Yes! About the time you had that great idea and went to jot it down, you’ll be interrupted. Absolutely. Those are the truths, folks. Send them in, these are great.

Larry Jordan: We pick four winners every week, it costs nothing to join. You can join as often as you want. We’re going to be run the contest probably through until the end of September and we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of entries. One of my favorites, I’ve got to read this one because it’s kind of long, Merrick’s Law, which is submitted by Merrick [DUPAYER], writes Murphy was an optimist. Had he ever worked in post production, he would have said instead, “Anything that can go wrong is nothing compared to what the producer is going to give you about three hours before the deadline.”

Mike Horton: Exactly. Nice, Merrick. There are a lot of really good ones here.

Larry Jordan: The way it works is really simple. Visit – you can enter as many times as you want, there’s a little entry form on the bottom of the page – and every week in our newsletter we’ll publish the winners so that you can see who they are, we’re going to do four, and then when you get selected as a winner, you get a chance to download a free webinar from the website, so you get something for taking the time to enter. Keep it short, keep it clean and enter as many times as you want. Isn’t that cool stuff?

Mike Horton: I’ve got a lot of great ideas.

Larry Jordan: Yes, this is neat. Remember to join our conversation on Facebook, at, and subscribe to our free weekly show newsletter, at, for an inside look at both our show and the industry. Mike and I are going to be back in a couple of minutes with Mike Mihalik, but first it’s time for Randi Altman’s Perspective.

Larry Jordan: This is Randi Altman’s Perspective.

Larry Jordan: Randi Altman has been writing about our industry for more than 20 years and today she runs her own blog at As always, it’s good to get her perspective on the news. Hello, Randi. You’re on the road today, which is why we’re not going to be able to see your face. It’s good to hear your voice, how are you?

Randi Altman: I’m doing well. It’s good to be back and taking part in The Buzz.

Larry Jordan: Well, not only are you back, but you’ve barely time to change your socks and you’ve got to hit the road again. Where are you headed next week?

Randi Altman: I’m going to be out in LA for the SIGGRAPH Show.

Larry Jordan: What are you looking forward to at SIGGRAPH?

Randi Altman: One of my favorite parts of SIGGRAPH is their emerging technology section, so you walk through there and you see what could be and I’ve always thought that we have very, very bright people in this industry and you’ll see how the technology’s being used for medical purposes, for therapy for people who are in wheelchairs, all different sorts of things, so it’s sort of a glimpse into the future and what can be done.

Randi Altman: The rest of the show is obviously visual effects, animation, graphics. Many of the big VFX studios are there recruiting, looking for young talent, and every trade show has their key word or talking point and it seems that this year it’s virtual reality and immersive worlds, and augmented reality as well.

Larry Jordan: Randi, you’ve been a fan of VR since we’ve been talking on this Perspective series, but is there more than VR or is really VR the key component of the graphics industry today?

Randi Altman: Well, I think I see it as a growth area right now because everyone is investing in it – people that make gear, the people that produce content – so it’s sort of everywhere. There are headsets that are going to be on display, there are going to be cameras, there are hands-on demos which will be interesting too, but it’s a way to increase revenue and I think that’s what the interest is right now.

Larry Jordan: Where’s SIGGRAPH going to be held?

Randi Altman: It’s at the LA Convention Center in downtown.

Larry Jordan: Are you doing interviews or are you going to be in your own booth?

Randi Altman: No, I’m going to be walking around with my iOgrapher rig and talking to different people – makers of 3D animation software, visual effects tools, so I’ll be meeting with The Foundry, Autodesk, Chaos, some of the motion capture guys. There’s a lot going on. The one thing with Autodesk which is pretty interesting, they introduced their own game platform and they’re hoping to make it easier for people to produce games on their engine, so it’ll be interesting to get a demo of that and to see where they’re going.

Larry Jordan: Randi, as always, it’s wonderful to hear your perspective on the news. Randi runs her own blog at You can read her thoughts there. Randi, take care. We’ll talk to you next week.

Randi Altman: Thank you. Take care, Larry.

Larry Jordan: To read more from Randi Altman, visit

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