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Digital Production Buzz – January 7, 2016

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Zack Allen, Wendy Woodhall, and Chris Bross.

  • Zack Allen: Secrets of the “Sound Geek”
  • The 1st-Annual L.A. Post Festival
  • Recover A Dead Hard Disk

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Guests this Week

Zack Allen
Zack Allen, Production Sound Mixer, Soundgeek Productions
Zack Allen is a “Sound Geek” – he creates production sound as well as audio post for commercials, television and movies. This week, he shares some of his audio secrets.
Wendy Woodhall
Wendy Woodhall, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Los Angeles Post Production Group LAPPG
The L.A. Post Festival is a different kind of event. Here, every entrant has access to the exact same SciFi footage, sound effects and music. Their job is to use it to tell a compelling story better than anyone else. Wendy Woodhall, co-founder of the Festival joins us to explain.
Chris Bross
Chris Bross, Chief Technology Officer, DriveSavers Data Recovery
DriveSavers specializes in recovering dead hard disks. But today’s technology also requires them to do data forensics and work with encrypted data. SSDs and RAIDs. Tonight, Chris Bross shares how they recover your data – even when they can’t read your data.
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