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Digital Production Buzz – February 25, 2016

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Daniel Sacchelli, Simon Tillyer, and Rex Palmer.

  • Inside Look at BVE
  • U.K. Media from a Publisher’s Point of View
  • A Freelance Perspective on U.K. Media
  • Tech Talk: Conform a Clip in FCP X

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Guests this Week

Daniel Sacchelli
Daniel Sacchelli, Event Manager, BVE & London Entertainment Week
BVE is a large industry trade show that falls between IBC and NAB. Daniel Sacchelli, Event Manager for BVE, joins us in London to explain what makes the show significant to everyone outside of the UK and what new technology trends they are covering this year.
Simon Tillyer
Simon Tillyer, Managing Director, KitPlus
KitPlus, formerly TV-Bay, is a media publishing company based in London that publishes KitPlus magazine, along with a variety of events and online events. Simon Tillyer, managing director for KitPlus, joins Larry Jordan at the KitPlus studio on the BVE trade show floor, talking about the media industry in the UK.
Rex Palmer
Rex Palmer, Freelance Lighting Cameraman
Rex Palmer is a freelance lighting cameraman who got his start with the original Dr. Who, produced by the BBC in the 1960’s. Over his career, he’s done drama, news and sports. Tonight, Rex stops by the Buzz studio at BVE to talk about his career in media and offers advice on what it takes to build a career in today’s world.
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