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Digital Production Buzz – February 4, 2016

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Philip Nelson, Cirina Catania, and Michael Kammes.

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Guests this Week

Philip Nelson
Philip Nelson, Chief Relationship Officer, NewTek
The NewTek TalkShow is a hardware device that makes high-quality Skype video available for production and broadcast. However, getting it to look good isn’t easy, as The Buzz has learned. Tonight, Philip Nelson, Chief Relationship Officer at NewTek, joins us to explain how this new box works and what we need to do so that Skype calls look and sound great. Take a look for yourself as we discuss how we made it all work.
Cirina Catania
Cirina Catania, Supervising Producer, Digital Production Buzz
Cirina Catania is the supervising producer of The Buzz, as well as a filmmaker, journalist and former senior executive with United Artists and MGM. She is also one of the founders of the Sundance Film Festival. Cirina is on her annual pilgrimage to the Berlin Film Festival – the Berlinale – and joins us tonight from Belgium with a report on what we can expect at the show.
Michael Kammes
Michael Kammes, Director of Technology, Key Code Media
In his role as Director of Technology at Key Code Media, Michael Kammes consults on the latest in technology and best practices in digital media. For a long time, Michael has been fascinated by remote editing, where editors have access to all their dailies without being tied to the edit bay. Featuring products from Avid and Adobe, Michael shares his thoughts on the current state of Cloud-based editing.
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