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Digital Production Buzz – March 10, 2016

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Tim Dashwood, Mike Woodworth, and Rollo Wenlock.

  • Inside Look at 360-Degree Video
  • Better Software Tools for Post-Production
  • Wipster: Cloud-based Collaboration and Review

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Guests this Week

Tim Dashwood
Tim Dashwood, Founder, Dashwood Cinema Solutions
Tim Dashwoodis a Director, DP, and Editor with over 20 years experience in the industry. He’s also the founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions, creating new technology tools for post-production. Tonight, Tim explains the new technology in VR and 360-degree video.
Mike Woodworth
Mike Woodworth, Founder, Divergent Media
Mike Woodworth began his career as an editor and post production supervisor. Currently, he’s the founder of Divergent Media, a post production tools company creating software such as ClipWrap, EditReady, and ScopeBox. Tonight, he explains what his tools are and how they work.
Rollo Wenlock
Rollo Wenlock, CEO, Founder, Wipster
Rollo Wenlock is the Founder and CEO of Wipster. Wipster is a digital media review and approval platform designed for content creators, media teams, and anyone creating short-form video projects.
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