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Digital Production Buzz – March 17, 2016

Join Larry Jordan as he talks with Tim Jones, Roger Mabon, and Marc Batschkus.

  • How to Safely Archive Your Projects
  • Hardware Options for Long-Term Archiving
  • Software Options for Archiving Media

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Guests this Week

Tim Jones
Tim Jones, President/CTO, TOLIS Group
Tonight, The Buzz looks at archiving hardware and software. Tim Jones is the President and CTO of TOLIS Group in Scottsdale, AZ. He’s been involved with backup and archival planning and implementation since 1982 and tape hardware design since 1987. Tonight, he explains what we need in terms of hardware and software to safely archive our projects.
Roger Mabon
Roger Mabon, Co-Founder/CEO, MLogic
Roger Mabon is the co-founder of mLogic, which designs and markets peripheral products for desktop and portable computers; including computer back-up and docking solutions using the high-speed Thunderbolt interface. We begin our discussion as Roger describes hardware options for long-term archiving.
Marc Batschkus
Marc Batschkus, Business Development Manager, Archiware
Dr. Marc Batschkus is the Business Development Manager for Archiware, which is a Munich-based manufacturer of data management software for backup, synchronization, and archiving. Marc’s background includes archiving, media informatics, and data management. Tonight, he explains software options for archiving media.
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