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Digital Production Buzz – March 24, 2016

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Kevin Bourke, James Mathers, and Rick Barrett.

  • Overview of Today’s Media Industry
  • The Media Industry From a Cinematographer’s Perspective
  • The Media Industry From a Software Perspective

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Guests this Week

Kevin Bourke
Kevin Bourke, Principal, Founder, Bourke PR
This week, we are stepping back to look at the current state of the media industry from three different perspectives, starting with PR. Kevin Bourke, the founder and principal of BourkePR, has nearly 30 years experience in technology public relations. He is a marketing consultant to some of the most innovative tech companies in the visual effects, post production and production technology markets.
James Mathers
James Mathers, President, CoFounder, Digital Cinema Society
Continuing our industry overview, James Mathers is a veteran cinematographer, and president of the nonprofit educational cooperative, “The Digital Cinema Society.” He shares his thoughts on camera gear, obsolescence and the challenges of investing in hardware.
Rick Barrett
Rick Barrett, VP of Operations, Maxon
We continue our industry overview with Rick Barrett. He’s the VP Operations for MAXON, the Americas, and has been helping designers discover and take advantage of Cinema 4D for over 15 years. He is a frequent contributor to MAXON’s Cineversity site and, also, develops a number of C4D plugins, including CV-VRCam, CV-ArtSmart, and CV-SmartExport. Rick looks at the new role of VR (Virtual Reality) and the challenge of keeping up with software technology.
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