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Digital Production Buzz – April 19, 2016 – Show 6

Join Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with Sean Mullen, Mike Woodworth and Melissa Davies-Barnett.

  • The Digital Production BuZZ is LIVE at NAB 2016!

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Guests this Week

This week the Digital Production BuZZ takes on NAB 2016 in Las Vegas with Rampant Design Tools, Divergent Media, and Arc9!

  • SEGMENT 1: Rampant Design Tools
Sean Mullen
Sean Mullen, Lead Designer, Rampant Design Tools
Sean Mullen is the Lead Designer for Rampant Design Tools. Rampant Design Tools creates fascinating visual overlays and effects for all major NLEs on both Macs and Windows. Sean describes their latest effects package and their brand-new plugins for Final Cut, Premiere, and Avid. Plus, he also describes the process they use to create lens flare special effects.


  • SEGMENT 2: Divergent Media
Mike Woodworth
Mike Woodworth, Founder, Divergent Media
Mike Woodworth is the Founder of Divergent Media. Divergent Media creates ClipWrap, ScopeBox and EditReady. Mike describes their latest new bundle – a combination of ScopeBox with EditReady.


  • SEGMENT 3: Arc9
Melissa Davies-Barnett
Melissa Davies-Barnett, CEO, Arc9
Melissa Davies-Barnett is the CEO of Arc9. Arc9 has created a suite of Cloud-based production tools to simplify media management, workflow and versioning. Melissa describes their new technology and illustrates how it can benefit production teams.
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