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Digital Production Buzz – April 19, 2016 – Show 7

Join Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with Rob D’Amico, May Hwang, and Lars Janflod.

  • The Digital Production BuZZ is LIVE at NAB 2016!

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Guests this Week

This week the Digital Production BuZZ takes on NAB 2016 in Las Vegas with iZotope, HighPoint Technologies, Inc., and Genelec!

  • SEGMENT 1: iZotope
Rob D'Amico
Rob D’Amico, Senior Product Manager, iZotope
Rob D’Amico is the Senior Product Manager for iZotope. Izotope creates audio magic. Or maybe it’s that they use magic to repair audio. Either way, Izotope can make your audio sound great. Rob talks about their latest releases, then illustrates techniques we can use to improve our audio.


  • SEGMENT 2: HighPoint Technologies, Inc.
May Hwang
May Hwang, Director of Sales Development, HighPoint Technologies, Inc.
May Hwang is the Director of Sales Development for HighPoint Technologies, Inc. HighPoint Technologies started off making RAID controllers. Now, they make high-speed storage. May describes their latest storage products: a RAID capable of 2.6 GB/second data transfer!


  • SEGMENT 3: Genelec
Lars Janflod
Lars Janflod, Press and PR Director, Genelec
Lars Janflod is the Press and PR Director for Genelec. Genelec is legendary for the quality of their speakers. Lars showcases several new speakers and subwoofer systems, along with a quick history of Genelec.
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