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Digital Production Buzz – April 20, 2016 – Show 10

Join Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with Joseph White, Les Zellan, Jim Ball, and Jeff Stansfield.

  • The Digital Production BuZZ is LIVE at NAB 2016!

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Guests this Week

This week the Digital Production BuZZ takes on NAB 2016 in Las Vegas with Miller Camera Support, LLC, Cooke Optics, Signiant, and Advantage Video Systems!

  • SEGMENT 1: Miller Camera Support, LLC
Joseph White
Joseph White, Regional Sales Manager, Asia and Africa, Miller Camera Support, LLC
Joseph White is the Regional Sales Manager, Asia and Africa for Miller Camera Support, LLC. Miller Camera Support makes tripods, heads, pedestals and other hardware all designed to support your camera. As Joe explains, there’s a lot more to support than simply keeping your camera from tipping over. Plus, they just announced some new support options.


  • SEGMENT 2: Cooke Optics
Les Zellan
Les Zellan, Chairman and Owner, Cooke Optics
Les Zellan is the Chairman and Owner of Cooke Optics. Cooke Optics makes some of the finest lenses in the world. Les takes us on a 75 year tour of the company and, along the way, shares news of their latest zoom lens.


  • SEGMENT 3: Signiant
Jim Ball
Jim Ball, Chief Marketing Officer, Signiant
Jim Ball is the Chief Marketing Officer for Signiant. Signiant has found a way to move files faster, by by-passing FTP and super-charging your Internet connection. Jim explains what this technology is, how it works and what they’ve done to make it more affordable.


  • SEGMENT 4: Advantage Video Systems
Jeff Stansfield
Jeff Stansfield, CEO and Founder, Advantage Video Systems
Jeff Stansfield is the CEO and Founder of Advantage Video Systems. Advantage Video Systems doesn’t design gear. They take existing gear and hook it together so it all works. Jeff describes some of his latest projects, as well as highlighting current trends in hardware design and application.
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