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Digital Production Buzz – April 21, 2016 – Show 12

Join Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with Paul Babb, Rob Jamieson, Bruno Munger, and Jose Flores.

  • The Digital Production BuZZ is LIVE at NAB 2016!

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Guests this Week

This week the Digital Production BuZZ takes on NAB 2016 in Las Vegas with Maxon, AMD, Colorfront, and Switronix!

  • SEGMENT 1: Maxon
Paul Babb
Paul Babb, President and CEO, Maxon
Paul Babb is the President and CEO of Maxon. Maxon makes Cinema 4D, a 3D application that is seeing extensive use in both broadcast graphics, while quickly emerging as an essential tool in VR and AR. In this session, Paul talks about the role artists play in creating 3D work, along with the new 3D training available from Maxon at


Rob Jamieson
Rob Jamieson, Industry Alliance Manager/Workstation Graphics, AMD
Rob Jamieson is the Industry Alliance Manager/Workstation Graphics for AMD. Graphics processors (GPUs) play a vital role in video and VR. AMD just released an update to their W9100 GPU as Rob tells us about it’s latest features, and GPUs in general.


  • SEGMENT 3: Colorfront
Bruno Munger
Bruno Munger, Director of Business Development, Colorfront
Bruno Munger is the Director of Business Development for Colorfront. ColorFront makes Cloud-based tools for dailies, capture and ingest. Bruno describes their products, and their latest releases here at NAB.


  • SEGMENT 4: Switronix
Jose Flores
Jose Flores, Sales Manager, Switronix
Jose Flores is the Sales Manager for Switronix. Switronix makes batteries for cameras and, now, drones. And, unlike cameras, drones have very specific technical requirements regarding size, weight and power capacity as Jose describes.
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