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Digital Production Buzz – April 6, 2017

Tonight is about voice acting and audio. We talk with two incredible voice actors, including the amazing Jim Cummings who has voiced hundreds of animated features. Along the way, we also discuss audio recording, working with voice actors and how to get started in this part of the industry. This will be a GREAT show!

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Jim Cummings, Robert Noone, Zack Allen, Michael Kammes, Edd Hall, and James DeRuvo.

  • The Collaborative Process of Voice Acting
  • Get Started in Voice Acting
  • To Rent or Buy – THAT is the Question
  • Tips to Great Production Sound
  • The Process of Working with Voice Actors
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

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Guests this Week

Featured Interview #1: The Collaborative Process of Voice Acting

Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings, Animation Voice Actor, IMDB

Voice acting means you can be a world-wide movie star and no one knows what you look like. Tonight we are joined by one of the best known voices in the industry: Jim Cummings. Starring, or featured in hundreds of animated films, Jim talks with us tonight about developing his different characters and the collaborative process of voice acting.

Featured Interview #2: Get Started in Voice Acting

Edd Hall
Edd Hall, Announcer/Voiceover Artist, IMDB

Edd Hall has over 40 years experience as an announcer, voiceover artist and actor. He’s best known for his 12 year run as the announcer and sketch actor for the Tonight SHOW with Jay Leno. We talk with Edd tonight about how to get into the industry, what equipment you need and about type-casting.

To Rent or Buy – THAT is the Question

Robert Noone
Robert Noone, Rental Manager, Location Sound Corp

When you need equipment but don’t have the budget to buy it – you can turn to a rental house. Tonight we talk with Robert Noone, Rental Manager at Location Sound Corp, who explains how to decide whether to rent or buy, what equipment to put into a basic audio kit, and how to pick a good rental house.

Tips to Great Production Sound

Zack Allen
Zack Allen, Production Sound Mixer, Soundgeek Productions

Production sound is a constant battle to capture clean audio during production. Tonight Zack Allen, Production Sound Mixer at Soundgeek, shares his personal favorite gear, what got him started in audio, and the challenge of recording great sound on set.

The Process of Working with Voice Actors

Michael Kammes
Michael Kammes, Director of Technology, Key Code Media

Michael Kammes, VP of Technology at Keycode Media, began his career as an audio editor. Tonight, he shares his thoughts on the challenges of audio editing and the process of working with voice actors.

The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Film and Technology Reporter, DoddleNEWS

James DeRuvo, Senior Writer at DoddleNEWS, has a multi-faceted career that spans radio, film and publishing. Covering technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James presents our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.

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