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Digital Production Buzz @ NAB Show 2017 – Show 12

Join host Larry Jordan, live from the trade show floor at the 2017 NAB Show, in this episode of the Digital Production Buzz, as he discusses the latest news and announcements with:


* Andy Liebman, Founder/CEO of EditShare

* Larry O’Connor, CEO of OWC Digital

* Robert Kruger, Co-Founder of Lesspain Software


Andy Liebman discusses EditShare and making EFS scalable for smaller facilities. He talks about their remote editor called Flowstory and their acquisition of Quallis.

Larry O’Connor talks about OWC Digital and their new products including new Viper Storage, Thunderbolt 3 dock, Viper, ThunderBay 6, and more.

Robert Kruger talks about new media management solution, Kyno. He discusses a Windows version of Kyno currently in beta testing.

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