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Digital Production Buzz @ NAB Show 2017 – Show 14

Join host Larry Jordan, live from the trade show floor at the 2017 NAB Show, in this episode of the Digital Production Buzz, as he discusses the latest news and announcements with:


* Oliver Peters, Colorist of Oliver Peters Post Production Services, LLC

* David Schleifer, Chief Operations Officer of Primestream

* Bob Boster, President of Clear-Com

* Rehan Fernando, VP Marketing of Morro Systems


Oliver Peters shares what caught his attention and what he is looking forward to seeing at the NAB Show 2017. He also talks about some of his current projects.

David Schleifer talks about Primestream, their customers, and how their software enables enterprises to mange their assets.

Bob Boster describes Clear-Com and how they differentiate from other communication systems.

Rehan Fenando discusses Morro Systems and gives us the scoop on the Morro Cache Drive. He also talks about ways their device is being used today to speed file transfers.

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