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Digital Production Buzz – March 15, 2018

This week we look at audio, hardware and production planning. We start by talking with three Academy-nominated audio mixers, chat about new audio network standards being developed by AES, learn about custom-built, high-performance computer hardware and discover better ways to plan a production. Plus, the weekly DoddleNEWS Update!

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Julian Slater, Christian Cooke, Brad Zoern, Jeff Berryman, Christopher Johnson, Robert Kiraz and James DeRuvo.

  • Secrets of a Superstar Mixer
  • Audio Mixing “The Shape of Water”
  • Creating Audio Network Standards
  • Custom, High-Performance Media Hardware
  • StudioBinder Improves Production Planning
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

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Guests this Week

Secrets of a Superstar Mixer

Julian Slater
Julian Slater, Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor, Sony Pictures
Pictures show us what’s going on, but sound touches the heart. Tonight we talk with award-winning sound designer, Julian Slater, about his recent work on “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and “Baby Driver.” With more than 75 features to his credit we talk about how he creates the soundscape for a film.

Audio Mixing “The Shape of Water”

Christian Cooke and Brad Zoern
Christian Cooke and Brad Zoern, Post Production Sound Mixer, Deluxe, Toronto
Christian Cooke and Brad Zoern were nominated for an Oscar this year for their work mixing “The Shape of Water.” They’ve worked as an audio team for ten years. Tonight, they talk about the process of creating the audio for this Oscar-winning film.

Creating Audio Network Standards

Jeff Berryman
Jeff Berryman, Senior Scientist, Bosch Communication Systems
Jeff Berryman claims that the amount of information a media professional NEEDS to know about how to use networks intelligently is more than they SHOULD need to know. Jeff is a Senior Scientist for Bosch Communications and chair of several AES standards committees. Tonight, he explains the key terms we NEED to know to become intelligent users of network equipment.

Custom, High-Performance Media Hardware

Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson, President and Founder, is a company that customizes computer hardware to meet the specific high-performance needs of media professionals. Tonight we talk with President and Founder, Christopher Johnson, about how they create tailor-made hardware for media pros.

StudioBinder Improves Production Planning

Robert Kiraz
Robert Kiraz, Co-Founder and CEO, StudioBinder
Production planning can be a headache with ever-present deadlines, mountains of paperwork and thousands of details to track. However, StudioBinder came up with a Cloud-based solution to help put everything in one place and reduce your stress. Tonight we talk with Robert Kiraz, Co-founder and CEO of StudioBinder.

The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Editor-in-Chief, DoddleNEWS.
James DeRuvo Editor-in-Chief at, has a multi-faceted career spanning radio, film and publishing. With experience covering technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James joins us every week to present the latest industry news.
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