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Digital Production Buzz – NAB Show BuZZ LIVE 2018 – Show 5 (April 10, 2pm)

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the NAB Show floor, as he talks with:

  • Paul Kobelja, Production Technology Specialist, VER
    • Paul Kobelja talks about the new technology of using large LED monitor walls to create an enhanced environments on set to replace many green screen scenes with a more organic, actor-friendly environment.
  • Stefan KarleManaging Director and Owner, DoP Choice
    • Stefan Karle explains the lighting accessories offered by DoP Choice, including their Rabbit-Ear Snapbags allowing scrims, balloons and egg crates to be mounted to LED panels and easily transported between locations.
  • Weston Phillips, Co-Founder, SmallHD
    • Weston Phillips shows us SmallHD’s newest camera-mounted monitor, which is bright enough to be viewed outside.
  • Gary Baker, SVP, Corporate Development, Cinamaker
    • Gary Baker introduces Cinamaker’s mobile multi-camera streaming app which synchronizes multiple cameras on one platform for simple editing and live streaming.
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