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Digital Production Buzz – October 18, 2018

This week we look at the business of running a creative company. Can we still earn a living in today’s market? Is being “creative” enough? Discover the pitfalls and promises tonight and look at what can help us in our never-ending quest to pay the rent as budgets shrink and competition expands.

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Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Paul Babb, Mark Toia, Tom Jennings and Steve Weiss.

  • How To Run a Successful Creative Business
  • Turn Creativity Into Revenue
  • Pitching Programs to the Networks
  • Is Creativity Enough? Um, No.

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Guests this Week

How To Run a Successful Creative Business

Paul Babb
Paul Babb, Head of Worldwide Marketing, Maxon
Paul Babb, Head of Worldwide Marketing for Maxon, has built the reputation of MAXON from the ground up over the past 20 years by focusing on meeting the needs of creative artists. Tonight he shares his perspective as a visual artist himself on how to run a successful creative business.

Turn Creativity Into Revenue

Mark Toia
Mark Toia, Commercial DP/Director/Editor, Zoom Film and Television
Mark Toia is an Australia-based award-winning commercial DP and director. He also runs a successful business. Tonight, he shares his thoughts on what we need to do to convert our creativity into revenue.

Pitching Programs to the Networks

Tom Jennings
Tom Jennings, Executive Producer, 1895 Films
Tom Jennings began his career as a print journalist before founding 1895 Films in 2003. Since then, he’s produced more than 400 documentaries for network television. Tonight, he shares his thoughts on what it takes for a creative business to succeed and how he pitches programs to the networks.

Is Creativity Enough? Um, No.

Steve Weiss
Steve Weiss, Creative Director, Zacuto
Steve Weiss co-founded Zacuto in 1983 after almost 20 years as a commercial photographer and director. But, he still is active in production and has strong opinions on what makes a creative business successful. Tonight, he shares what he’s learned – and his thoughts can help both new and existing artists improve their business.

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