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Digital Production Buzz – January 17, 2019

As more companies move media production and post to The Cloud, security becomes an ever-present concern. This week, we talk with experts on what it takes to keep our projects secure as collaboration increases and more assets are stored in The Cloud.

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Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Mark Harrison, Jim Tierney, David Benson and Emery Wells.

  • Security Basics for Cloud-based Media
  • We’ve Been Hacked! Now what?
  • Increase Collaboration, But Stay Safe
  • Security: A Never-Ending Process

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Guests this Week

Security Basics for Cloud-based Media

Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison, Managing Director, DPP (Digital Production Partnership)
The Digital Production Partnership is a UK-based organization that helps media companies cope with technological change. Tonight, Mark Harrison, Managing Director of DPP, shares his stunning observations about the recent CES show, then provides a basic overview of what we must know to keep our media secure in an inter-connected world.

We’ve Been Hacked! Now what?

Jim Tierney
Jim Tierney, President, Digital Anarchy
When you hear your server has been hacked your heart drops to your boots. Tonight, Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy, shares his experiences when his company was hacked, how they discovered it and what they did to improve their security going forward.

Increase Collaboration, But Stay Safe

David Benson
David Benson, CTO & Co-Founder, BeBop Technology
Bebop Technology allows creative artists and companies to collaborate around the world. But, what’s the risk to your media as your assets leave your control? Tonight, David Benson, CTO and co-Founder of Bebop Technology, explains how they work behind the scenes to make sure your media doesn’t get out of your control.

Security: A Never-Ending Process

Emery Wells
Emery Wells, CEO and Co-Founder,
Emery Wells, CEO and Co-founder of, discusses how his company has worked to implement security for online media, why security is a moving target and what producers need to know to keep their assets safe; both locally and online.

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