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Product Review: HighPoint RocketStor 6314A (Revisited)

November 9, 2015  •  By Larry Jordan

Complaint 1: Installation software was password protected and inaccessible.

Results: Fixed. All drivers, installation software and firmware are easily accessed at this website: http://www.hptmac.com/series-rs6314a-resources.php


Complaint 2: Support for new users, especially FAQs on installation, is password locked.

Results: Partially fixed. Quick Start and User Guides are easily available on the product page. Accessing support still requires a customer ID, though that ID does not require you to first purchase a product.

Complaint 3: The installation software did not recognize the serial number.

Results: Fixed. Installation no longer requires a serial number.

Complaint 4: Fan is noisy.

Results: Not fixed, but HighPoint told me this would not be fixed in October. The four drives inside the RAID generate a moderate hum, so moving the RAID away from your ears is a good idea for audio-critical environments.

Complaint 5: User Guide images did not match the product.

Results: Fixed. They now match perfectly.


Complaint 6: The HighPoint RAID Management software required a password for the initial installation, which didn’t work.

Results: Fixed. The software installed using a default password, allowing the ability to change the password after installation was complete. In fact, the total installation process took less than 30 seconds.

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