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Product Review: SUGARfx ‘Swoosh’

July 12, 2015  •  By Larry Jordan

logo-Noise-IndustriesIf you haven’t checked out the plug-ins from FX Factory, published by Noise Industries, in a while, you are missing some treats.

Noise Industries is headquartered in Boston, Mass, and provides both a development platform and marketing engine for a variety of 3rd-party plug-in developers. FX Factory has been around since FXPlug was added to Final Cut Pro – somewhere around version 5 of Final Cut Pro.

From an editors point-of-view, FX Factory simplifies buying, adding or removing plug-ins (enabling or disabling) with a simple button/checkbox system built into the FX Factory application. Even better, every plug-in comes with a free trial and 30-day money back guarantee.



SUGARfx is relatively new plug-in developer using the FX Factory platform.

  • Title: Swoosh
  • MSRP: $49
  • Requires: FX Factory, exclusively supports Final Cut Pro X
  • Website: www.sugarfx.tv


“Swoosh is a completely customizable template developed exclusively for FCP X. Swoosh’s elements are accessible in the Transition, Generator and Title browsers under the SUGARfx Swoosh category, or find them all under the “Swoosh” keyword in the Themes browser.” (SUGARfx website) “They are designed to give a coherent graphic look to any project by including many customizable elements such as Looping Backgrounds, Title Pages, Lower Third Identifier and Transitions.” (SUGARfx User Manual)

Swoosh contains 33 different visual effects, all built around “swooshes.” Here are some examples.

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