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Remember that long black limo filled with clowns? Well, the idea for this flash mob belonged to Trilby Jeeves, founder of the Buffoonery Workshops. However, (brace yourself) this is more than just clowning around. Her workshops are designed to improve the skills of actors, to help them stop thinking and start feeling, to “reach the honest depths of instinctive performance.” This week, we talk with her about her workshops, the Buffoonery Flash Mob in Vancouver, and why all of us need to act silly every so often.

It was a normal day in Vancouver, BC, until a long, LONG, black limo pulled up and dozens (some say HUNDREDS) of buffoons got out and started dancing in the park. Michael Julian Berz, dancer, photographer, and director, was the director that captured the craziness. We talk with him this week to learn what it was like working with a bunch of clowns! (Watch the video here – you need a break, anyway.)

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